Nano… Nano… Nanowrimo…

30 Oct

I had my first writer’s nightmare last night.  I dreamt I was working for Sony Pictures on a very popular television show.  I, for whatever reason in this technologically advanced world, had to fax them a printed copy of the episode’s script.  I finished in time and shipped it off, then realized I had put in the wrong fax number.  I had faxed my script to a doctor’s office.  Frantic, I called the Sony in my dreams and got the recording to tell me their fax number… but the recording was muffled and interspersed with laughter (as if people in the office at the time of the recording didn’t realize there was a recording going on).  In a panic, I called again… and again… until I finally woke up.

I’m not going to go into all the little dream meanings… I don’t think a fax machine has major significance.  I’ll tell you what I think, though… I’m under a lot of pressure.  I’ve been reading like mad on how to gear up to self-publish and the learning curve is like the straight side of a ninety-degree angle.  I’ve been piling on information on formatting for print and ebook, how ISBN’s work, how to get a Library of Congress Catalog Number, how to ensure I am visible on Amazon, on my blog, on my Twitter page, on my website, not to mention how the publishing world works in general and why my local bookstore won’t carry my Createspace book unless its on consignment.  And that is all just the beginning.  In two days the real work begins… it’s almost time for Nanowrimo.

First, I should explain why nanowrimo1I’m writing the book I’m publishing during Nanowrimo.  I wasn’t going to publish anything.  I did Nano last year and won, completing a novel in 30 days, 50k words.  It was a great feeling, a good idea, and I was proud of what I created.  I never anticipated doing anything with it until far in the future… you know… when I was a traditionally published author.  (Okay, give me a second while I stop laughing.  Just a minute… I have a couple more giggles in there…. okay.  Whew.)  No, it’s not that I didn’t think I could do it at some point in my life, in fact, many years and rejection letters in my past, I decided to go to college to become my own publisher.  (This was before the ebook revolution… I digress.)  I decided to do Nano this year because I loved the thrill of a deadline.  To make this piece of art as good as you could while hammering it out, never having time to stop and look up a word, or rewrite a paragraph, or rename a city, or check my email, or go outside and garden… Nano erases every distraction.  You have to write, you have to let it flow, you have to just plug ahead or risk failing the challenge… and it is a challenge.

Second, why publish this book, why self-publish at all?  I suppose I got a fire under me for a change.  I write all the time, I never publish it.  Not everything is publishable regardless, I have some first drafts that would make your nose hairs curl, but I have a lot of stuff.  I started thinking… why not?  Why everyone else and not me?  Aren’t I worth a chance?  So, in a flash, I decided I would not only write this book, but publish it, and let EVERYONE know I was going to do it and when.  Nano taught me one thing… a deadline can be golden when you respect it.

I began to read like a mad woman.  Thus far I’ve discovered that there are a lot of folks out there that, like me, tried to break into the big world of traditional publishing but couldn’t for one reason or another.  Like me, they felt they had a story that was worth sharing with the world.  I decided to put every ounce of my energy and passion behind this endeavor to do everything possible to make sure it’s all done right.  There is nothing I’m holding back, and like Bambi on ice, I’m wobbling my way through dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s.  If I fail, I’m going to fail like Hayley’s Comet screaming through the universe on fire while trailing ice.

So, two days left until I bury my head in the written word.  After all the marketing and socializing and reading… I’m actually dying to start writing the book.  I have had time in between to look at all the characters in my mind, visualize them, and get to know them.  They can’t wait to tell me their tale, I can’t wait to write it down.  That, after all, is what I love to do most.   Nanowrimo… here I come.


Nicole has written three novels, a feature-length script, and many short stories and short film scripts. Her debut novel, “Carla’s Rivet” is scheduled for release on March 1st, 2014.  Her short story, “Millsburg,” is available on and Smashwords.  Please visit for more information.
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